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Houston 2026 optimistic ahead of FIFA decision

Houston 2026 World Cup Bid Committee leaders are “optimistic” and “confident” that their proposal meets FIFA’s criteria and will be a world-class host, following confirmation that FIFA will announce the cities that will host FIFA World Cup 2026 matches on June 16.

Houston 2026 continues to embrace the city’s diversity, innovation and passion for soccer as it enters its final push to earn the right to host the world’s most prestigious sporting event. Hosting FIFA World Cup 2026 matches in Houston would mean taking the first-ever 48-team World Cup to the fourth largest city and the most ethnically diverse city in the United States.

“We feel optimistic about the outcome of FIFA’s decision on June 16,” said Houston 2026 World Cup Bid Committee President Chris Canetti. “The concept we have built together with so many stakeholders over the past three-and-half-years is very strong. From our proven track record in successfully delivering international events, and our world-class infrastructure, to our hosting credentials and vast transport network, we are confident that our concept meets FIFA’s criteria.”

“The passionate and wholehearted support of the entire community behind our bid has been displayed throughout the bid process and brought several programs to life through the Spirit of Houston campaign. As a result, Houston boasts an abundance of resources that are unmatched by other cities,” added Canetti.

“Bringing the single largest sporting event in the world to Houston offers FIFA the opportunity to engage millions of players and fans across South Texas,” said Houston 2026 World Cup Bid Committee Board Member DaMarcus Beasley. “Over four million people in South Texas are connected through soccer, but, if Houston is selected to host matches in 2026, there is a potential to engage over three million more. South Texas would become the largest community of people anywhere in the country connected by soccer.”

Home to some of the brightest and most industrious minds in the world, Houston is rallying together to deliver future-focused initiatives that will leave a lasting impact in the community that will be recognized for generations to come. If Houston is selected on June 16, the Soccer Innovation Institute, a non-profit institution, will carry out the city’s legacy vision around the 2026 FIFA World Cup and serve to advance the game globally.

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